Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Kagoshima interlude

This is another low detail interlude where I mention some places that I've visited in far flung places that are a long way out of the catchment area of this blog. There are minimal details and some links to websites or Facebooks or Instagrams and that's all. But bear in mind that if I go somewhere bad I'm not going to add it to this, so their inclusion is some sign of a place being decent enough. Today, it's Kagoshima!

Beer Reise
Narrow entrance leads to a small bar counter with a few extra seats. Five or six Japanese and imported taps and bottles and cans too. Seemed like a place where everyone knew each other but the staff were nice and welcoming. Unfortunately was a bit smoky, like many places in Kyushu seem to be. But we still had a fun time here.

Dolphin Industry / Craft Beer Stock Yard
The former is a third floor bar and burger place with five or six taps split between domestic and imported craft. The latter is their bottle shop on the floor below where you can also drink which we didn't manage to make it to as it closed at 20:00. Therefore, can't say anything about that, but the bar was nice.

Second floor corner bar with a nice view out onto the shopping arcade. Open pretty late and we really enjoyed our final stop here. Once again, five or six taps of Japanese and imported stuff but maybe leaning more towards Belgian type beers. Fridge with lots of interesting bottles and cans which also lean towards the Belgian side of things. Enjoyed this place a lot and the atmosphere was nice and friendly. As we left the barman gave me a lemon.

Shiroyama Hotel/Brewery
Massive fancy spa hotel that has its own brewery. You can't visit the brewery itself, but there are a load of different places to drink their beer spread around the hotel. The prices vary depending on the fanciness of the dining or drinking establishment. Their beers are available at quite a lot of the bars also listed on this post but if you want to go to the source (although not actually to the actual brewery...) this is the place to go. There is a free Shiroyama Hotel shuttle bus that you can take from a few locations in the city so it's relatively easy to get there. Also there are some nice views from around the hotel.

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