Monday, 22 April 2019

Loose ends/various places Part 4

This is part four of what will be constantly updated posts with brief descriptions of places that possibly deserve to be on here but which I have either no time or inclination to visit. Part one is here, part two here, three is here or you can view all of them by clicking the digest tag, or just clicking here. I have tried various ways of keeping up to date with the crazy amount of places that are opening and have been struggling with deciding which places warrant including and which don't. This seems to be a reasonable way of dealing with them. They will remain on the map with a question mark as I can't vouch for any of these. The map will link to this post where places will be listed in alphabetical order with a short description and link which should give you some idea of what to expect and whether it's worth going to. There will be no tags, as that will just confuse matters I think. If I end up going to any of these places and they are worthy of a full write up, I'll remove them from here and make them a post of their own. Not everything on the backlog will be on here. This is mainly intended for what I imagine to be a bit less interesting but still worth mentioning places.

Aoi Beer Stand - Shizuoka
Pretty small place, which contrary to the name is mainly some seats at the counter. I think there was a small standing area too though. Six taps of their own beer on tap. Think they have quite a few places in town, but this seemed like the easiest to just pop in to in the daytime.

Bar Sal's - Saginuma
Sister bar of Craftheads (which was in Shibuya and soon will be in Sangenjaya). Perhaps due to the location, this place seems quite off the radar for most people. From the Facebook it seems that they have similar beers to Craftheads ie. some good and some rotten Japanese stuff along with exotic US imports. If you’ve ever been to Craftheads you probably have your own opinions about that place, and I guess this place would probably give you the same feelings. Bonus opinion from someone who's actually been there 'Sal's is much more chill than Craftheads.'

B & W - Yokohama

B & W means beer and wine so I guess you know what you’re getting here. Looks like a nice cosy place with three taps of craft beer. No idea about prices though.

Beer & Wine Hula - Shiki
Seems to mainly have Japanese craft or varying qualities. Not much online presence and probably not much excitement here, but there’s nothing else in the area so it makes it on to here.

Biru No Yokota - Shizuoka
Visited here recently. Big place with big reasonably priced taplist, (15 taps, mostly Baird, mostly around ¥1000 a US pint). Seems to have a strong Baird connection as a few places in Shizuoka do. Order at the bar and pay as you go. If you are a fan of Baird beer, they have a special house beer made by them here for you to try.

Craft Beer Station - Shizuoka
Visited here recently as it had some beers from Octagon, a Shizuoka brewery you don't see around very often. Pretty expensive place with six taps, mostly Japanese. Prices went up to ¥1500 for a US pint! Bottles and cans in the fridge too. Quite small. Perhaps in the past I would have done a full post for this place, but to be honest, it probably doesn't really deserve one.

Food Hall Blast! / Draft Pub Bevvy - Shinjuku
A combination of restaurants and bars in one building with a food court kind of vibe, but perhaps trying quite hard to be urban, fresh and 'hip'. In a convenient location, very near the station but was pretty lacking in excitement when it came to the beer. The food was quite nice though. Beer prices seemed reasonable for the location, but if I go back it will most likely not be to drink. So that's not really a huge recommendation.

Four Hearts - Kofu
Another option for boozing in Kofu along with the ones I’ve already got here. Seems to have a nice selection of Japanese craft along with some other kinds of drinks. Will check it out next time I’m there.

J’s Beer - Tsujido
Bottle shop that seems like a place that loves its US beer, with loads of Antenna America stuff. Also seems to have a few taps of US stuff so I suppose you can drink on site if you want. Guess there’s not much point for people who live closer to Yokohama to go here, but it’s a nice option if you’re in the area.

Mugiya (King Pelican Beer Stand) - Yokohama/Nagamugi
Four taps of Japanese craft which look interesting. Prices look decent. Have never been to this area so it’s all a bit of a mystery to me.

O’val Craft Beer & Bistro Dining - Todakoen
Belgian bar/cafe with an enjoyably punny name. Six taps of beer including some from local brewery Shiki and some imports, one British and one Belgian. Looks nice.

Sidewalk Stand - Yutenji 
Coffee shop with five taps of Japanese craft with some interesting stuff there. No online presence which is a bit weird, but I seem to remember the Inokashira Koen place was the same in that respect.
Nothing here

Vector Beer - Toranomon
Another Vector bar. Still haven’t been to any of them actually. Put off by the smoking which I guess would be an issue here too. Have heard that these places are relatively cheap and have some of their own beers, but there’s a lot of competition in this area and I think I might prefer to go to some of those places, but should probably check this out sometime. Ten taps it seems, which also seems perhaps a little underwhelming compared to some of its local rivals.

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