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Fukuoka interlude

Was quite surprised to find I had never done a round up post for Fukuoka. Was going to add a few places and instead found that I need to start from scratch. Oh well, here it is. There are a lot of places to drink in Fukuoka as you'd expect for a city of its size. I should point out though that lots of places in Kyushu allow smoking and lots are standing bars too, so you might want to choose carefully before you commit. I'll mention the smoking thing where I can remember it. For the places that I haven't been to for a while, I'll keep it brief as I think it's better to not write stuff that isn't right anymore. As usual, have added a link for each place for you to have a look if there is anywhere you are interested in. I'll add and delete new or old places as they open/close.

Asunaro Brewery

Small brewpub a little north east of Hakata on the blue metro line. Maybe six seats at the counter and eight at tables. No smoking I think. (Someone kept leaving and going over the road to smoke). Nice looking pub food. Had four taps of their own stuff on, available in UK half and UK pint for about ¥600 and ¥900
respectively as far as I can remember. I thought I took a photo of the menu, but it seems that I didn't.

Beer Paddy Fukuoka
Somewhat of a legend of a place as far as craft beer in Japan goes. Has been open for a long time. Has been a while since I've been here. Subdued lighting, some Japanese craft and imported stuff. Slightly punk
theme as far as I can remember. No recollection of prices. Sorry. Slight recollection that smoking was allowed.

Beer Restaurant Okura Brewery

Basement brewery restaurant in a fancy hotel that I have done no favours to with this photo which makes it look decidedly dodgy. It really isn't! In the Nakasu area of Fukuoka between Hakata and Tenjin, where most of the Fukuoka bars seem to be. Six taps of their own beer on, four regulars and two seasonals. Leans towards German styles but there was an English feeling IPA seasonal on. Pizza is very nice and the food menu has some vegetarian options. Smartly dressed waiters and staff made me feel a little uncomfortable but that's 100% my problem. Some will love that I guess. Beer flight available and we were given a three beer flight for free for downloading their app which was a bit of a surprise. Beers served in 236ml and 473ml sizes for around ¥600 and ¥1000. I really liked their Alt. Seems to be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays which is different from what the English version of their website says so I've used the Japanese one for the link below. Maybe better to just use google I guess.

Craft Beer Creek
Small bar in Tenjin specialising in imports as far as I can remember . When we visited a few years ago there was a bit of a Belgian thing going on but looking at their current taplist (available on the website) it
seems to be more North American now. Remember liking this place but it's been a while.

Dancing Penguin
Few stations out of Hakata on the JR line near Takeshita station. Beer shop and bar with lots of cans and bottles. Think they had a tap too but not sure. Lots of US stuff as I believe the owner is from there. But Japanese craft beer too. Limited opening times so best check their Facebook, but on the days it is open, it's open most of the day. Nice place

Fukuoka Craft
Perhaps was the rising star of the Fukuoka beer scene till recently. Was a Mexican restaurant with some craft beer but became the taproom of Fukuoka Craft with Mexican food, so slight change in focus. Think they had US imports and their own beers. Quite a lively atmosphere, which wasn't exactly what we were looking for so have only been once since the rebrand and didn't stay that long, but many will probably like the modern beer styles they are making.

Goodbeer Stand Kitte
Another place that's been around for quite a while. Not sure if it is still connected to Goodbeer Faucets in Shibuya but it seems to be. They don't have the house beers from there anymore though, but it's been a while since I went to GBF in Shibuya so maybe they don't either. On the 10th floor in the food court of the KITTE shipping centre, attached to Hakata station. This might be the place in Fukuoka I have been to most often as it's always dependable. Around 20 taps of Japanese and imported craft beer with a decent mix of styles. Have some local taps too which is nice. And lots of bottles and cans available. Food is burger based but there are some vegetarian items on the menu too. Prices seem reasonable and it's open all day every day. A very easy pit stop when getting on or off a train. No smoking and no cover charge.

Stand Umineko Yoca

The new kid on the block in Fukuoka, Umineko is connected to the Unimeko bar and the Derailleur brewery in Osaka in some way. Derailleur beers on tap and there is merch to buy too. Pretty much all standing which was a bit of a drag when we got there quite tired, but we kind of knew it would be from the name. Around 70 taps behind the counter but there were only 24 on when we were there. To be honest, 70 might be a bit much. There were some very surprising breweries on tap. I'm not going to name names, but some of them were from breweries I've visited and am surprised are able to sell their beers outside of their own taproom, if you know what I mean. There was nice stuff too though, from all over Japan. Actually, I feel like everything on tap was from Japan, but I can't be sure. Four serving sizes and all beers the same price. They were S - 270ml, ¥700, M - 360ml, ¥900, L - 480ml, ¥1200 and MEGA - 720ml, ¥1700. No cover charge. Maybe about 8 fridges of bottles and cans too, again with a huge variety. It was pretty popular when we were there, but I wonder if they have the customer volume to turn over such a large amount of stock regularly particularly given that due to it being a standing bar, perhaps people don't stay so long. Or maybe that's just tired old me responding to the quite young feel of the place. Food too, but obviously you also have to eat that standing up. Some confusion over opening hours, (perhaps still
state of emergency related), on their social network profiles so basically keep your fingers crossed. And a bit tricky to actually find their social media so perhaps the youthful feel to the place is reflected in their choice of social network and they use something unknown to me.

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