Wednesday, 12 January 2022

P2B Haus

After visiting Ben’s Slop Shop (BSS),  I moved on to the equally interestingly named P2B Haus. Plenty to consider in that name. If the previously mentioned BSS is a great place to pop in for a beer or two whilst shopping, P2B is probably somewhere you’d want to spend a bit more time and have a few drinks and some food. As I didn’t do this and only popped in for one drink, I can’t speak fully on the whole experience, but I certainly enjoyed it. Here’s what you need to know.

- Nice and comfortable interior with a counter for 5 and tables for about 20. Definitely more of a beer and food feel than just a boozing place and this was borne out by the fact that most people there were eating and drinking. 

- 12 taps of mostly Japanese craft beer with one US beer thrown in. You can see which beers are on from their social media. Beer came from an interesting range of breweries, some of which I like, some of which I don’t, and some of which I’ve never had. So definitely some variety. There were a few local Tokyo selections too, which was nice. All beers were served in three sizes, S (260ml), M (370ml) and Pint (480ml). Prices varied quite a lot, even amongst the Japanese stuff which was a bit of a surprise. S was ¥600-¥1100, M ¥900-¥1500 and Pint ¥1200-¥1850. Admittedly the most expensive beer was something slightly unusual, Hideji’s 9% special Imperial Stout Kuri Kuro, but price-wise it was closely followed by the US import which didn't appear to be that 'special'. Both of them were probably quite expensive when compared to prices at other places. But you could get just under half of the twelve taps at the other end of the price range and they were probably the beers I was more interested in. So, in conclusion, a little expensive, but still some good stuff available at a fair price. Sadly there was a cover charge of ¥300 but it was at least peanuts, so I was able to eat them, unlike some other place's otoshis. 

- The food looked really nice. They do pizzas, which immediately caught my eye but also a variety of other dishes too. I wouldn’t have minded having some food, but was a bit pressed for time. Next time maybe. I really liked the way the draft beers were displayed over the tap handles but that’s probably of no interest to most people. They had wifi available, and had a touch of daytime opening on weekdays and were open all day on weekends. They do seem to have some irregular holidays sometimes though, so if you’re heading out to Kichijoji just to go here, it might be worth checking first.

Have to say, I quite liked this place too. It had a very friendly and local feel and I think if I lived nearby I’d be a regular visitor. It’s a shame about the cover charge but given how ravaged the hospitality industry has been in recent times, I'm not going to complain about places that aren't taking the piss. My policy with cover charges is that they are a bit of a buzz kill, but if you go somewhere and are aware that they have one, you can't really complain about it. Certainly they encourage me to stick around a bit longer and 'spread the charge' over a few more items which is possibly not the reason for their existence but perhaps is just a welcome side effect of it for businesses. Definitely some people are put off by them though and they don't make it easy to visit a load of places in one day to catch up on blog posts. Sure, there are cheaper places to drink in Kichijoji and in Tokyo but P2B Haus offers a nice experience. Will definitely visit again when I'm in the area.

Japanese breweries on tap when I visited:
Far Yeast
Let's Beer Works
Mountain River
Hop Kotan

Opening Hours:
Generally speaking, the hours below, but there are contrasting listings on the internet so I'd check their social media first.
Monday-Saturday, 16:00-23:00
Sunday 16:00-22:00

吉祥寺本町 2-8-2 若松ビル 2F, Musashino-shi, Tokyo



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